Self Awareness and Achieving Proper Work-Life Balance



Josh Gibson has a background as an MD and guides a San Francisco consulting practice that helps integrate emotional data in creating dynamic, high-functioning workplace teams. Josh Gibson also has experience enabling individuals to achieve fulfillment through a positive work and life balance.

As reported in Fast Company, finding this balance eludes many, with a 2015 study in American Sociological Review revealing that more than 70 percent of US workers struggle to achieve work-life balance. This is particularly true in the contemporary professional environment, in which digital devices have made people accessible to employers and coworkers nearly 24 hours a day.

One aspect of developing work-life balance involves fostering habits of conscious choice, rather than letting things go until there are no other options. This involves continuously assessing situations and making changes as required.

At the same time, success should not be defined by others but rather by one’s own terms. By maintaining a strong sense of individuality, and accurately assessing personal skills and potential, it is possible to avoid situations that overwhelm and prevent progress from being made.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to assess work-life balance from the outside, as each person has his or her own internal way of functioning. While different individuals’ actions may seem skewed to one extreme or another, if these people are consistently productive and content, that may simply be the balance that works best for them.


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