Increased Competition for Larger Companies in a Lean Startup Era

Lean Startup pic

Lean Startup

Possessing an MD and experience in health technology through his work with Quartet Health, Josh Gibson has extensive knowledge of venture growth strategies. Josh Gibson’s management consulting experience involves creating lean, agile companies.

As reported in Forbes, the December 2017 Drucker Forum in Vienna underlined the importance of adapting strategies to a rapidly evolving business landscape. One jolt to the establishment involved General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt losing his job, despite a lean startup innovation effort that spanned multiple years.

One aspect of this equation centers on evolving board expectations. It is growing less clear what the primary target of corporate boards is: net assets, profits, or growth. Priorities may not be centered on the specific portfolio company itself. This reflects the growing importance of activist investors who exert outsized influence, considering the small percentage of the company they actually own.

Another aspect of the equation centers on such disruptors as Airbnb and Uber, which have achieved growth through flouting regulations that more-established industry players must follow. Flush with money, they effectively employ advanced technologies to rewrite the rules. With large corporations not always able to re-orient to smaller threats, despite applying lean startup strategies, growth companies focus on engineering agility and quick product turnaround into their cultures.


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