Improving Americans Work-Life Balance



A former MD, Josh Gibson served on the clinical team of Quartet Health where he developed relationships with health care providers to drive adoption of Quartet’s collaborative care platform. An executive coach and consultant, Josh Gibson assists individuals to find a healthy work-life balance.

Americans are doing poorly balancing their professional work and their personal lives, according to a report by Family Living Today and Now Sourcing. In the report, the United States is ranked 30th out of 38 countries with a positive work-life balance.

Researchers found that 11.4 percent of employees in the country worked 50 plus hours a week, with 33 percent reporting to work on weekends or on holidays. Overall, 66 percent of full-time employees believed they had no work-life balance. Many attributed this to demanding bosses, excess work, rigid schedules, long commutes, and difficult colleagues.

In the long run, a poor work-life balance can cause stress and increase the risk of heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Employers can play a huge role in preventing this problem by offering flexible schedules, allowing remote work, increasing time off, and creating meeting-free time blocks to increase worker productivity. Employees can also improve their own work-life balance by making time for exercise, switching off the phone when away from work, and delegating responsibilities.


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