An Overview of Occupational Therapy Support

American Occupational Therapy  pic

American Occupational Therapy

Josh Gibson, MD has provided clinical psychiatric care to individuals in the San Francisco, California, region for nearly 15 years. A few of his previous positions include associate physician diplomate at the University of California, San Francisco, and consulting psychiatrist with Walden House. Josh Gibson, MD practices in various areas of psychiatry, including occupational therapy.

The primary role of an occupational therapist is to assist individuals of all ages in successfully completing important daily activities, such as school work or job duties. Though some individuals associate occupational therapy with helping adults deal with injuries and cognitive changes, children living with disabilities may also benefit from therapeutic support when it comes to education and social interactions.

Occupational therapy services generally begin with an evaluation of the individual, over the course of which clients and family members can work with a therapist on establishing goals and ways to achieve these goals. These evaluations may involve visits to a client’s place of work, home, and other relevant environments. As therapeutic intervention begins, therapists can set new goals and further refine their therapeutic approach to better suit a client’s needs. More information regarding occupational therapy can be found at the American Occupational Therapy (AOTA) website,


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