Benefits of Northern California Psychiatric Society Membership

Northern California Psychiatric Society  pic

Northern California Psychiatric Society

Josh Gibson, MD, is a psychotherapist with two decades of experience in his field. In addition to his private practice in San Francisco, California, he is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Northern California Psychiatric Society (NCPS).

The NCPS was established in 1953, and has since dedicated itself to advancing “the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care” by encouraging and participating in advocacy efforts, education, and member fellowship.

NCPS membership comes with many professional benefits. Not only are members encouraged to network and expand their reach at the organization’s annual psychiatric job fair, but they also receive access to continuing education opportunities such as the Psychopharmacology Conference and numerous seminars.

In addition to advancing their education, NCPS members have the chance to represent their field and gain leadership experience by participating in the organization’s many committees, which oversee relevant topics such as wellness, integrative psychiatry, government affairs, and political action.

Finally, NCPS members supplement their expertise and remain up to date on the region’s psychiatric news with subscriptions to the Northern California Psychiatric Physician publication, which is released six times each year.


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