CAREERS – A Brainwise Guide to Fulfillment at Work



Josh Gibson, MD, has worked as a psychiatrist in the San Francisco area of California’s East Bay for nearly 15 years. When he is not providing clinical care in areas of psychotherapy and medication management, Josh Gibson, MD, engages in a variety of professional projects and initiatives. During his time with the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, he led the group that authored CAREERS.

CAREERS: A Brainwise Guide to Fulfillment at Work is a book that provides readers with a platform for considering different career paths. Placing an emphasis on the ideal yet elusive balance between professional success and personal fulfillment, the book includes extensive conversations with successful individuals who have found satisfaction in both areas.

These discussions are enhanced by the latest research in areas of psychology and neuroscience. The result is a comprehensive but readable breakdown of the seven core behaviors that allow individuals to not just survive their professional lives, but thrive in them. These areas of behavior include the tendencies to change, risk, reflect, endure, and explore. To learn more about these seven behavioral traits or the science behind CAREERS, please visit


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