Making Early Career Decisions that Emphasize Personal Growth



Josh Gibson, MD, is a seasoned San Francisco Bay Area psychiatrist who maintains a private practice and offers patient-focused psychotherapy and medication management. He is author of the 2013 book CAREERS – A Brainwise Guide to Finding Fulfillment at Work. In it, Josh Gibson, MD, examines seven core behaviors from exploration to endurance that can boost career satisfaction and amplify psychological and emotional health.

Dr. Gibson posits that the most effective way of envisioning employment among new college graduates involves positioning the job as part of a wider self-growth plan. This concept is reflected in a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey from 2012 that indicates personal fulfillment to be a primary aim for new job seekers.

The key to such fulfillment, according to this theory, involves integrating life-work goals with a proper balance of behaviors such as risk-taking, change, and sacrifice. The appropriate level of risk to take on varies widely between individuals, depending on their psychological makeup and ultimate life goals. Effective career decision-making then requires careful reflection on one’s risk tolerance before setting on a specific path.


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