An Overview of Occupational Therapy Support

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American Occupational Therapy

Josh Gibson, MD has provided clinical psychiatric care to individuals in the San Francisco, California, region for nearly 15 years. A few of his previous positions include associate physician diplomate at the University of California, San Francisco, and consulting psychiatrist with Walden House. Josh Gibson, MD practices in various areas of psychiatry, including occupational therapy.

The primary role of an occupational therapist is to assist individuals of all ages in successfully completing important daily activities, such as school work or job duties. Though some individuals associate occupational therapy with helping adults deal with injuries and cognitive changes, children living with disabilities may also benefit from therapeutic support when it comes to education and social interactions.

Occupational therapy services generally begin with an evaluation of the individual, over the course of which clients and family members can work with a therapist on establishing goals and ways to achieve these goals. These evaluations may involve visits to a client’s place of work, home, and other relevant environments. As therapeutic intervention begins, therapists can set new goals and further refine their therapeutic approach to better suit a client’s needs. More information regarding occupational therapy can be found at the American Occupational Therapy (AOTA) website,


Benefits of Northern California Psychiatric Society Membership

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Northern California Psychiatric Society

Josh Gibson, MD, is a psychotherapist with two decades of experience in his field. In addition to his private practice in San Francisco, California, he is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Northern California Psychiatric Society (NCPS).

The NCPS was established in 1953, and has since dedicated itself to advancing “the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care” by encouraging and participating in advocacy efforts, education, and member fellowship.

NCPS membership comes with many professional benefits. Not only are members encouraged to network and expand their reach at the organization’s annual psychiatric job fair, but they also receive access to continuing education opportunities such as the Psychopharmacology Conference and numerous seminars.

In addition to advancing their education, NCPS members have the chance to represent their field and gain leadership experience by participating in the organization’s many committees, which oversee relevant topics such as wellness, integrative psychiatry, government affairs, and political action.

Finally, NCPS members supplement their expertise and remain up to date on the region’s psychiatric news with subscriptions to the Northern California Psychiatric Physician publication, which is released six times each year.

CAREERS – Tips for Achieving Professional Fulfillment



An assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, Josh Gibson, MD, also operates a private practice in San Francisco, where he focuses on clinical and occupational psychiatry. Josh Gibson, MD, has given a number of presentations at professional gatherings over the years and helped pen the e-book CAREERS – A Brainwise Guide to Finding Fulfillment at Work.

Published in 2012, CAREERS explores the concept of being happy in one’s profession and finding an appropriate work-life balance. The book addresses two questions: what will you do for a career, and how will you get to that desired point? The authors offer advice from professionals who have already achieved satisfying careers and couple the advice with relevant scientific findings from psychology and neurology.

The authors distill their knowledge into seven chapters, and in each they discuss a specific positive behavior that reflects elements of essential brain function. Beginning with a chapter on change and ending with one on sacrifice, the book is designed to guide readers through the process of finding sustainable fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

CAREERS – A Brainwise Guide to Fulfillment at Work



Josh Gibson, MD, has worked as a psychiatrist in the San Francisco area of California’s East Bay for nearly 15 years. When he is not providing clinical care in areas of psychotherapy and medication management, Josh Gibson, MD, engages in a variety of professional projects and initiatives. During his time with the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, he led the group that authored CAREERS.

CAREERS: A Brainwise Guide to Fulfillment at Work is a book that provides readers with a platform for considering different career paths. Placing an emphasis on the ideal yet elusive balance between professional success and personal fulfillment, the book includes extensive conversations with successful individuals who have found satisfaction in both areas.

These discussions are enhanced by the latest research in areas of psychology and neuroscience. The result is a comprehensive but readable breakdown of the seven core behaviors that allow individuals to not just survive their professional lives, but thrive in them. These areas of behavior include the tendencies to change, risk, reflect, endure, and explore. To learn more about these seven behavioral traits or the science behind CAREERS, please visit

Anti-Anxiety Drug Found to Limit Empathy in Rats


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A graduate of Cornell University, Josh Gibson, MD, continued his education at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and the University of California, San Francisco. A psychiatrist practicing in San Francisco, Josh Gibson, MD, maintains a strong interest in the study of empathy.

Recently, neuroscientists at the University of Chicago found that rats given midazolam, an anti-anxiety medication, became less likely to free companions that were trapped. The scientists surmised that the drug lessened their empathy.

The University of Chicago research builds upon previous research demonstrating empathy in rats. Studies have shown that rats are emotionally motivated to help their companions in distress.

In the new study, control rats would routinely free trapped companions by opening the door to a restrainer device. Rats treated with midazolam did not complete the same action despite the fact that the drug does not interfere with any physical ability to open the door. However, when the restrainer device contained chocolate rather than a constrained companion, rats treated with midazolam would regularly open the door to collect the treat.

Making Early Career Decisions that Emphasize Personal Growth



Josh Gibson, MD, is a seasoned San Francisco Bay Area psychiatrist who maintains a private practice and offers patient-focused psychotherapy and medication management. He is author of the 2013 book CAREERS – A Brainwise Guide to Finding Fulfillment at Work. In it, Josh Gibson, MD, examines seven core behaviors from exploration to endurance that can boost career satisfaction and amplify psychological and emotional health.

Dr. Gibson posits that the most effective way of envisioning employment among new college graduates involves positioning the job as part of a wider self-growth plan. This concept is reflected in a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey from 2012 that indicates personal fulfillment to be a primary aim for new job seekers.

The key to such fulfillment, according to this theory, involves integrating life-work goals with a proper balance of behaviors such as risk-taking, change, and sacrifice. The appropriate level of risk to take on varies widely between individuals, depending on their psychological makeup and ultimate life goals. Effective career decision-making then requires careful reflection on one’s risk tolerance before setting on a specific path.

3 Reasons for Considering Psychiatric Therapy

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Psychiatric Therapy

The key to living the highest quality of life will depend on an individual’s physical and mental health. If a person isn’t feeling well emotionally, this can have a negative impact on all areas of life. It’s ideal to consider psychiatric therapy in many of these situations. Josh Gibson, MD, has owned a private practice in psychiatry since 2002, and he is qualified to assist you in many ways.

Josh Gibson, MD, graduated from the Cornell University in 1989 and then continued his education at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1998. Additionally, he received his residency at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute the University of California, San Francisco from 1998 to 2002.

There are many reasons to consult with this expert, and some of these are listed below:

1. The loss of a significant person that an individual had regular contact with and loved. This could be due to death or the abrupt end of the relationship.

2. Suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and trying to overcome this completely.

3. Attempting to overcome a traumatic event in life, such as child abuse.

Getting psychiatric therapy may be the most efficient treatment to assist any individual in being capable of feeling better both emotionally and physically.